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Using PHP Configuration Patterns Properly

Kaushik Pal | Application Architecture Design | April 3, 2014

Explore different PHP configuration patterns and their practical implementation.

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Processing JSON in PHP

Octavia Andreea Anghel | Application Architecture Object Oriented | March 20, 2014

Learn how to use the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) extension in PHP, going step by step through a series of essential operations.

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Advanced Debugging in PHP

Kaushik Pal | Application Architecture Optimization | February 27, 2014

Debugging is one of the most important and significant parts of software development. Finding bugs and errors in any application is a tedious task, so a proper debugging mechanism should be adopted to make the process easier.

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Using an Azure Database from PHP on Linux

John Barlow | Application Architecture Optimization | February 24, 2014

John Barlow explores connecting a PHP application to an Azure Microsoft SQL database.

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Extending CodeIgniter Core Libraries to Add Your Own Functionality

Marc Plotz | Application Architecture Optimization | January 28, 2014

Codeigniter is built on the MVC design pattern and there is no doubt that it is popular. Why is it so well loved? Because you can add your own functionality to the Codeigniter core without even breaking a sweat. Let's have a look at how it works.

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Search and Replace Text Inside PDF Files

Saaspose | March 10, 2013

Use this sample PHP code to search and replace text inside PDF files.

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Siviglia PHP Template System

Jose Maria Rodriguez Millan | December 31, 2012

Siviglia Templates is a PHP templating system that offers a semantic description of UIs, reusable template components, intuitive syntax, and code generation.

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