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Compressing and Caching Dynamic Output - Page 5

by: Luis Argerich
January 24, 2001


PHP output controlling functions are very useful to redirect the script output to a buffer and then manipulate it. Compressing the buffer for compliant browsers reduces the load time of the output 4/5 times. It can also be used as a caching mechanism to reduce access to data-sources (databases or files) and it may have significance, if we use XML. Think about this:
What if we build an engine in PHP4, using caching that takes data from data-sources (xml documents and databases) and dynamically builds contents in XML (without presentation). We can then take the XML output and use XSLT to convert it to any kind of presentation we want (html, wap, palm, pdf, etc). PHP4, with output control and the Sablotron XSLT extension, is perfect for this architecture. I wrote a follow up of "Smart architectures" describing this XML based architecture, which has a lot to do with the functions described in this article. Check it out if it is published. I will also write an article about the Sablotron XSLT extension as soon as it's documented and fully usable under PHP4. Send me your thoughts/feedback about everything you want.
We are in control using PHP!
-- Luis.

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