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Building WML Sites

by: Andres Baravalle
February 21, 2001

Cellular phones supporting WAP are slowly, but constantly spreading. Therefore, it could be time for you to start building your WML pages to access internet databases. As such, we will show you how to build PHP/WML pages to access a MySQL database which contains professors' receiving hours and exams timetables for a University. I'm testing a beta service of this kind, prepared with Vitaveska Lanfranchi, at
There are some things you need to know before starting. First, we are assuming that:
  1. You have correctly installed PHP and MySQL, and you have some experience in programminng with both languages. Your database needs to be properly installed as well.
  2. You have some knowledge of SQL; I suggest reading Database Normalization and Design Techniques.
  3. You are running Apache and you can write .htaccess files; or you are running IIS and you can add mappings (or you can ask the system administrator to do it for you).
  4. You have some experience with WML; I suggest reading Introduction to WML, Apache, and PHP.
The first step is telling your server to process WML pages with PHP. Let's see how to do it.

Setting up the server

If you are using Apache, you have to look for a .htaccess file in your home directory. Then, you need to write the following lines in it:
<limit get post>
AddType application/x-httpd-php3 .wml
If you don't have a file .htaccess, simply write these lines in a text editor and save the result as .htaccess in your home directory.
If you are using IIS instead, you have to do the same you did when you installed PHP in your server: look at the mappings of .php and .php3 extensions and do the same for .wml extension.
Commonly you will find PHP mapped onto:

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