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Configuring Windows98 For Local Dev

by: Heath Boutwell
July 30, 2000

This is documentation for installing Apache 1.3.9, PHP 3.011, Perl 5.00502 and MySQL 3.21.29, but should work with ANY recent (or more recent) versions of this software. Note if you have ActiveState for Perl installed, either uninstall it, or skip the installation section below for Perl, simply make sure the the shebang line (the first line of your Perl script) points to the path of the ActiveState file "perl.exe". See more in Step Two below.
The ability to develop locally on my laptop has been a fantastic time saver. Saving, uploading and testing to a remote server is an arduous task. It's easier to develop locally and then upload once everything is tested.
Configuring for Windows is easy, but the documentation for installation from the software companies is hideous.
Here's the Easy Way: (pay very close attention to slashes and back slashes below)

Step One - Grab the Needed Files:

  • Go to the MySQL mirror page and find an FTP mirror (this is easier than trying to download from the site itself, and gives you a look at all the needed files, and others you may find of use once you get up and running.

  • On the FTP site - download these two programs (you'll have to navigate around to find them - try under "packages" or "downloads". The needed files are in the "Win32" folder)



  • Find the closest Apache mirror. The mirror I found wasn't much of a mirror, and either didn't have or had hidden the latest Win version of Apache. I found it here instead.

  • You going to need a file called BROWSCAP.INI - grab it here:

    1. Asp Tracker
    2. Cyscape

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