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Configuring Windows98 For Local Dev - Page 2

by: Heath Boutwell
July 30, 2000

  • Lastly - go grab the latest PHP for Windows files from here. Make sure you download the binary file (with .zip extender).
Step Two - Installation of the software:
  • Unzip PHP into "C:/php3"

  • Unzip mysql anywhere. Run the setup.exe program from inside this folder. This will automatically install MySQL into the "C:\mysql" folder

  • Unzip (which contains the browscap.ini file) and place browscap.ini into "C:\windows" directory

  • Apache is a self-executable installation file - double click and it will install itself - accepting the default installation directory of "C:\program files\Apache Group\Apache" is fine.

  • Unzip the Perl archive. Anywhere is fine, but for these examples I'll assume we extracted to the "C:\perl" directory. There are two versions of Perl for Windows on this distrobution. Either will be fine for local development work. It's important to know where Perl resides on your local drive. The first line of any perl script (also known as the "shebang" line and typically looks like "!# /usr/bin/perl" (or something in similar) will actually point to the physical location of Perl on your local drive. If you extracted to the "C:\perl" directory per above, then your shebang line will read "!#/Perl\bin\MSWin32-x86\Perl" - the shebang line points to the actual file "perl.exe" - without the ".exe". If you are using the ActiveState version of perl - this line should point to the location of the ActiveState "perl.exe".

Step Three - Configuration of the software:

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