PHPBuilder - SQLite Support for PHP4 Page 3

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SQLite Support for PHP4 - Page 3

by: Jason Farrell
August 24, 2004

Step 2: Configure Dynamic Load of the Module in php.ini Now that we have the module correctly installed, we need to make sure PHP loads it when it is executed by Apache. This is done the same way extensions are enabled on a Win32 system, by using dynamic extension loading. Open your php.ini file and find the directive 'extension_dir' which defines where PHP will look for external modules. Make sure that the file is under this directory. In my case, I generally create a symlink from the original file to this location.
Next scroll down and add the module name the list of modules in the form:
As explained in the INI file, no other information is needed here save the EXACT name of the .so file created during the install. When finished you should have these two similar lines in the INI file.
        extension_dir = /path/to/php/extensions/
        extension =

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