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Using Webalizer to analyze Apache logs - Page 5

by: Rodney Hampton
September 5, 2001

Creating Webalizer's Output Directories:

Next, I needed to create directories under each domain's document root to store the output from webalizer. On my client's computer the DocumentRoot's were organized like: /www/some_domain/public_html.
I wanted to add a directory for each domain within this tree like:
Here is the script I wrote to do this: Script 2.

Configuring Webalizer:

Next, I created a file that I called webalizer.min. This file contained the configuration directives that would be common for all of the domains.
The Readme file in the webalizer directory contains a wealth of information about each of these options. Basically, the PageType directives tell webalizer to count hits on files with the .htm, .html, .cgi, .php,.php3, and .pl extensions as actual 'visits'. The CountryGraph is useless unless HostNameLookups is on in your Apache configuration -- it produces a nice pie chart broken down by the country from which traffic to your site originates. GroupReferrer enables webalizer to group together the results from major domains. In my case, I had certain primary search engines for which I thought it would be instructive to group the results.

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