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Installing PHP under BadBlue Web Server

by: Jayesh Jain
March 27, 2003


Your production machine might have PHP installed on an Apache server in a Linux environment, but most of the people (like me) will develop and test their code on a Windows machine before they move their work on to the production machine.
Working on this assumption, in this article I am going to step you through the installation of PHP interpreter under BadBlueWeb Server in windows environment.
In the article we shall use BadBlue Personal Edition v2.14 and PHP 4.3.0 on a Windows 98 Machine.
Welcome Aboard sit back and enjoy!

What is BadBlue

BadBlue is a tiny, full-blown web server, which runs PHP, Perl and other CGI/ISAPI extensions. BadBlue is designed for fast configuration. And it's so tiny, you can carry it around on a floppy disk!
Below are some features of BadBlue Personal Edition:
  • Smaller Download/ Simple installation Procedure.
  • No spyware or adware software installed.
  • Supports searching, downloading and uploading, securely.
  • Password-protects your files and controls access to files by user name.
  • Searches other computers for their shared files (peer-to-peer).
  • Supports folders, virtual directories, directory browsing and more.
  • Scheduling.

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