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Installing PHP under BadBlue Web Server - Page 2

by: Jayesh Jain
March 27, 2003

Installing BadBlue

Download the BadBlue installation program from for the operating system you plan to install it on.
Installation for BadBlue is pretty easy and is self-explanatory, but make sure you read all the screens as you go through the installation.
Run the installation program, Select the type of install (I would recommend 'Normal'), click next, select the directory to install BadBlue in (default is C:\Program Files\BadBlue\PE). Click next to extract all the necessary file(s), which shall also complete your installation. We shall assume that your installation was a smooth ride and you had no problem whatsoever in the whole process, which is usually the case.
Testing BadBlue Installation:
BadBlue should run automatically if you selected yes in the last step of installation which asked 'Automatically start your web site each time you login?', else start the program manually. Please note a little BadBlue Icon in your system tray, which shall tell you that BadBlue is running, double click that icon to open the BadBlue Server Window which can be used to change the HTTP Port (default is 80). You can also stop and start your web server from this screen.
port selection dialogue box
Once you start the BadBlue server it should automatically open a browser with the welcome screen. If not, open a browser, and in the address bar, type the http://localhost/ or (which is your local IP) to see if BadBlue is installed and working fine. Let me show you a sample output on my machine.
BadBlue Web Page
If you see the Welcome Screen in your browser, Eureka we have done it.
Go fetch yourself lemonade and pat yourself on your back!

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