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So you want to use a database in your site? - Page 7

by: Jess Castagnetto
July 30, 2000

Where to go from here

If you went through the examples and experimented a bit, you will start having more and better ideas on how to use this newfound flexiblity in your site design. You should be able to make more sophisticated interfaces, allowing the use of more complex logical expressions, or even create the entire query interface based on reading the structure of the database, on-the-fly. No limit to what you can do, just remember to have fun and don't get discouraged.
Paraphrasing an old saying: "Inspiration is 10% of the work, debugging the remaining 90%" (or something like that).
You should check the examples sources available from the "Sample Code" link in this site. In particular I am impressed by the work done to make the PHP base library, which now includes the OOHForms module (highly recommended).
You can get the (IMHO) best web server available from the Apache Project site, and obtain good SQL databases such as: mSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL from their respective sites. And of course, keep the PHP manual handy at all times.
You are now on your own pal!
Good luck.
=== Jesús.

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