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WDDX Functions in PHP - Page 8

by: Jess M. Castagnetto
July 30, 2000


In this article we have discussed the use of PHP to create and handle XML documents, in the form of WDDX packets. PHP handles WDDX packets well and without much coding, because it includes support in the core language. If you will only use one XML application: WDDX, then that is all the XML processing you need.
But because in real life you will need to deal with a variety of XML document types, PHP also provides (by using the Expat library) functions to define your own parsing functions, giving you an astonishing degree of flexibility. The examples here should be but the starting point in your quest for processing XML data from different sources, and I hope that even in their simplicity, they will serve as inspiration for your own creations.
In the following articles we will be discussing the creation and use of XML parsers, and the use of XML to something more than data encapsulation: XML-RPC.

Suggested Reading

(1) The book I refer here is "Professional PHP Programming" (ISBN: 1861002963, December 1999; Copyright © 1999 by Wrox Press Limited), which I co-authored along with other (better) writers.

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