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Mass Customization

by: Jim King
November 2, 2000

Isn't it great to go to a web site and it appears as though it was designed just for you. This article will help you design a web site which makes visitors feel like it was designed just for them.
First, lets scope out the project. You will need a mysql database, a table to store the visitor's information, and php3 or php4 (I will explain how to use features of both). This application will gather information about a visitor so the experience will become more and more tailored to the visitor over time. For the sake of this article, we will limit the information collected to that of the visitor's state. This application is flexible enough that you can collect any information you like. First, lets create the MySQL table (we will assume that you have already created a database named leads):
create table leads(
sid char(32) NOT NULL,
state char(2));
For the rest of the article, we will assume that the database and the data table are named leads, and that the cookie identifying the visitor is named lead.

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