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Protecting MySQL Sessions With SSH Tunnel (Port Forwarding) - Page 2

by: PHP Builder Staff
July 2, 2004

Requirements for SSH and MySQL
To perform port forwarding between your Navicat and the MySQL server, you will need a working MySQL server. You will also need a copy of Navicat, a MySQL client software and available at Navicat (MySQL Client) version 6.0.5 has supported SSH Tunnel.
As long as the Hosting Company provides SSH access, you can still connect through Navicat's Port Forwarding function.
Navicat Port Forwarding Screenshot :
When your Navicat communicates with your remote MySQL server, all communication (with the exception of the user password) is done in plain text. Navicat Port Forwarding offers an easy way to boost the security of communications with the MySQL server. It protects MySQL sessions from various attacks.
The next session will illustrate how to setup SSH Tunnel by Navicat.
Navicat 2004 (ver. 6.0.5), has started to support this feature. If your remote server supports SSH connection, your Navicat will be able to connect with remote MySQL databases through SSH tunnel without making any changes to existing MySQL privileges setting.

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