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Building Web Services Using NuSOAP Toolkit - Page 6

by: Mitja Kramberger
December 26, 2003

So where's the difference? When we're creating "soapclient" object we now pass URL to the WSDL file (second argument tells the client that we are using WSDL). Next we generate proxy class (line 15); we simply call "getProxy" method and that's all.
Now we have in our proxy class all the methods that our web service has. So we can "locally" access "getWeather" method, which sends and returns data from web service. Lastly, we do the same error checking just like in previous client.
I have told you that you can get all the needed data from WSDL (webmethod name and required parameter). You can take a look at WSDL file, which is accessed from (use parameter wsdl), but if you go to you will get nice GUI which tells us accessible methods and required parameters. This GUI and WSDL is created by NuSOAP toolkit, it's accessible because we generated WSDL in the server.


This was just a simple example of using SOAP with NuSOAP toolkit. You could build the same system using XML-RPC or WDDX but SOAP has some other "goodies" like advance error checking, XSD validation and other cool stuff. You can also just use web service (there are some good web services resources like So dig into SOAP and NuSOAP API documentation.
Happy messaging!
You can download the full source code

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