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PHP-HTML Templates: A New Working Relationship - Page 2

by: PHP Builder Staff
April 3, 2002

In order to place the data into the nicely-designed HTML pages, we either get the designers to embed our PHP codes in appropriate locations in their designs and remind them to remember to name their pages as <filename>.php before they publish or we (programmers) do it ourselves. I used to adopt the latter option, but in the end, I got blamed for messing up their HTML-codes :(
And when the time comes to change the layout or design of the HTML page, I would have to "remember" to insert PHP codes into appropriate positions again. Any slight omission of codes, the whole team (designers) would again look at me, this time, frowning.
This had set me to think: If I could come up with a way that we (coders and designers) could work together without either party pointing fingers at the other, efficiency and productivity would be increased. So, I spent time on developing a way to let us conduct our work independently and yet communicable at the end of the day.
Once again, let us programmers save the day! :) We will make the designers be happy by letting them only do design. Let them design their pretty pages for all they want; while we coders, code what needs to be coded. The idea is as follows:

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