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XHTML: Why You Should Be Using It - Page 2

by: PHP Builder Staff
June 29, 2009

What is that about the name attribute not validating anymore? Well, it's simple: the name attribute has been deprecated in favor of the id attribute. However, as said before - if you are using the transitional DOCTYPE you can use the name as well as the id attributes together, like this:
<div name="something" id="something">
Doing it like that means that older browsers that do not recognize the id attribute will still render the content, albeit oddly (My own opinion is that anyone using a browser older than IE6 or Firefox 2 deserves to have a bad internet experience, but hey--that's just me).
Something I am sure you have noticed already is that my tags are always written in lower case. Upper case tags in XHTML are taboo. Stick to lower case and all will be fine. Another thing you may or may not have noticed is that my tags are not minimalized. Minimalization means that this is right:
<input type="text" readonly="readonly" />
while this is wrong:
<input type="text" readonly />
The idea is that the attribute value is the same as the attribute name, so
Now I'm sure that another thing rearing its ugly head here-- at least for me--is the fact that all atttribute values are quoted. This is important. The following is wrong:
<input type=text readonly=readonly />
while this is right:
<input type="text" readonly="readonly" />
Both single quotes or double quotes are fine as long as all attribute values are quoted. My obsessive-compulsive mind goes thorugh stages of preferring single quotes over double quotes and vice-versa. But whichever I use, I try to be consistant. God is in the Mark-Up.
Before calling it a day--and before you fall asleep due to over-exposure--there are just a few minor things to look at. First, the structure of an XHTML page. The basic elements required in an XHTML page follow:
<!DOCTYPE ...>
<title>... </title>
<body>... </body>
They are ALWAYS required in the order shown above. More elements can be added as need be, but these cannot be taken away.
Last, but not least, always Validate Your Pages with the W3C Validator. This handy tools checks your pages and even tells you how to fix the problems.
Until next time, Happy Validating!
Marc Steven Plotz

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