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HTTPS transactions with PHP

by: Matt Allen
July 30, 2000

With more and more e-commerce sites popping up around the world, the amount of transaction servers will need to grow to support them all. Many of the newer e-comms providers have made life easier for us developers by developing a web based environment to execute their transactions. Let me explain.
What do they do ?
While some providers make you install application on your servers to talk to their servers a lot now avoid that situation by doing the following.
  1. Setup an HTTPS server that is locked down to only your IP
  2. Setup a page on that server that listens for a specific set of values
  3. When you post to that server, it takes those values and does whatever it
  4. has to do (talk to the bank, setup an account etc..)
  5. Returns a page with the results in it.

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