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HTTPS transactions with PHP - Page 3

by: Matt Allen
July 30, 2000

What we have just succeeded in doing is simulating an HTTPS post, so imagine you just filled out a form on the web and pressed submit.
There are tons of uses for this type of technology out there. For instance, I just had to deal with a with the Australian wing of a company and they needed to use the US's central database for adding new users and queries. The US have setup a page that listens for specific data, including the UserID of the Australian wing and reutrns back a "0" on pass and a negative code on fail, we were supplied with the list of error codes so we could report back to the customer.
Here are a few things to note before you try to make this work.
  1. cURL will need SSL libraries installed for it to talk SSL, I used open SSL 0.9.4
  2. cURL can do HEAPS of other stuff and talk lots of different protocols, such as FTP,HTTP,TELNET,GOPHER,FILE & LDAP.
If you have and questions or comments, please forward them onto me at
Matt Allen

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