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The Need For Speed - Page 4

by: Piergiorgio Spagnolatti
March 21, 2001

Enough Speed For Today. Now Some Other Useful Stuff...

Yesterday (24 January 2001) Zend Technologies opened their online store. They're selling some interesting PHP-related products. Among this, the previous mentioned Zend Cache, Zend Encoder (in a few words a "compiler" for PHP code that generates encoded classes that you can sell to your customers. The webserver where these classes will run needs the Zend Encoder Runtime to decode the scrambled code), Zend Ide (an IDE for PHP with lots of powerful features), and a few Support Services that can help a desparate PHP developer).


Using the technologies explained in this article you can greatly improve the performance of your site, but please be aware that:
  • PHP may or may not be your bottleneck. Monitor carefully every object tied to your application (databases, for example).
  • You can't push a webserver performance over its top. So, before blaming PHP or its caches, think if it's time to upgrade your server or even think at a load balanced environment (which may cost lots of money).
  • Don't understimate content compression. Even if you see speedy PHP applications on your 100Mb/s lan connected desktop, poor modem users don't, and will blame you for 100Kb html pages.
Best Regards
-- Draxx

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