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Interfacing with MS Access

by: Siddharth Venkatesan
July 30, 2000

Before commencing this tutorial, i have to say that for the ODBC setup section, I used the work of Leo West. His page on ODBC setup and interfacing with Ms-SQL server was most usefull to my original work project... Until my boss changed the project specs to make the database to be MS-Access, instead of MySQL. If you need to find out more information about SQL, go here.


Summary of Contents

  1. Creating an Access database
  2. Setting up an ODBC Connection
  3. Interfacing with database
I am going to assume a *little* experience in databases. Having said that, I'm really only hoping that you know how to create a database and insert tables into that database.


  1. Apache/Web server of some kind
  2. PHP 3.0 (at least)
  3. Ms-Access (Version 97+)
  4. Wordpad for editing PHP
  5. Windows 9x+ of some working *grin* description

Files used in this tutorial (remove .sid extension to make functional)

I have given directions on exactly how to make the above files. But just in case my directions aren't 100% correct, you can download a working copy of the relevant software.

Important Notes

Throughout this tutorial, i have assumed that the person who will interface with the database will have full read and write priveleges to the database. It is best in any circumstance to make sure you have read and write priveleges to the database. Having said that, please, please, please try out these techniques on a sample database located on a 'local' machine. I know first hand the trouble caused if you screw up a company database upon which most of the company relies.
So, it's onto the tutorial.

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