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Interfacing with MS Access - Page 3

by: Siddharth Venkatesan
July 30, 2000

Setting Up The ODBC Connection

I previously mentioned Leo West and its from this page that I found out how to create an ODBC link. To create an ODBC link, open up Control Panel and from within control panel, open up ODBC. The icon for this looks like this:

DBC Icon

When you open this up, you end up with a screen like this:

picture of Screen

Select the System DSN tab. If you havent done any work with user defined DSN's, this should be empty. Select the Add button. You will get a screen which looks like this:

Create New Data Source screen

Select the Microsoft Access driver. Click on the finish button. You will now see this screen:

ODBC Microsoft Access screen
In the Data Source Name text field, enter a name which you wont forget, as this will be the way you will call your database. For the purposes of this tute, enter 'WebTute'. The description text field is for your purposes as you may want to manage your DSN connections later.
Finally, select the Select button. From this menu, choose the Access database you initially created.
And that's it! your ODBC connction is done! Now to interface with it.

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