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Another Look: Cached Dynamic Modules

by: PHP Builder Staff
July 30, 2000


After reading JP's article, "Building your website with cached dynamic modules", I decided I would rework many of my database-driven pages, incorporating his solution. However, I realized that some functions were missing so I used his foundation and adapted it with some additions of my own. Also, I realized that there were some syntactical issues and fundamental usability that needed reworking.
I'll briefly list the specific functionalities that I added with explanation.

Spaces And Quoting

I needed the abililty to use spaces in the values of the arguments being passed to the module. I also wanted the developer to be able to use any quoting convention. Single or double quotes are valid around the value, but not both.
    <my-style name=test>
    <my-style name="test">
    <my-style name='test'>
    <my-style name='test value'>

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