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Getting Started with PHP/Ming

by: Iman S. H. Suyoto
August 10, 2001

One day, I found a site about Ming, a SWF output library and PHP module. Somehow, it attracted me, and gave me a driving force to try it immediately. I tried to read quickly to find things I'd be able to download. I downloaded the source code, the examples, and the precompiled PHP module. When I don't have extra time, sometimes I think, "why compile it myself if someone else has compiled it for me?" Therefore, I fetched the compressed file, uncompressed it into a server running Debian GNU/Linux 2.2.
According to the installation howto, what I'd need to do was just download the PHP module and put the uncompressed to PHP module directory. PHP module directory? Where is it? Aha, simply run php-config --extension-dir. "Piece of cake", I thought.
The last step was adding I tried the sample code (you'll find it later in this article) -- it didn't work. My intuition told me that it might be because I was using Debian along with the stable packages I apt-got (... err... apt-get in past tense) install. Well, I was right. So, let's discuss about how to do it in Debian.

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