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Logging With PHP - Page 2

by: Tim Perdue
July 30, 2000

Reporting all this information is easy with PHP - just write up some SQL, execute it and use the ShowResults class to display it.
So now the system is in place and and I can run a report at any time and get statistics up to the minute for any given site.
Here's a sample report from Friday on
fld_date fld_special impressions
19990129 forum 267
19990129 mail 559
19990129 manual 397
19990129 phpbuildercom 1820
19990129 px 431
19990129 siteforum 58
Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this system. There's really no limit to its flexibility - in fact, I am expanding it to keep track of ad banners, and I may write up an article on that later.
Please use the sample code on the next page and tell me how you used it, or if you added anything interesting to it.

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