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MySQL and PostgreSQL Compared - Page 5

by: Tim Perdue
July 30, 2000


These tests pretty much confirmed what I already knew - both databases serve quite well for the vast majority of web sites out there. Both are actually extremely fast when compared to desktop databases like FileMaker and MS Access. Both are now free and supported by an active developer community.
To choose between the two databases, you first need to understand your scalability limits and whether you need the transaction support of Postgres or the large-text-area support in MySQL. You may need both, in which case you have to wait for future stable releases of both databases.
It's interesting to note that the two databases appear to be converging to meet in the middle somewhere. While MySQL is working on adding transaction support and slowly adding features like subselects, Postgres is making headway in the performance and stability departments.
Finally, for the hardest-core developers, Postgres could be pretty slick. Foreign keys, views, subselects, and transactions can all be pretty cool -- if you need them and you will make any use of them. If you don't need them or won't use them, then you're probably better off with MySQL and its superior performance.

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