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The Big Upgrade

by: Tim Perdue
August 3, 2000

I'm no graphic designer, but I am glad to unveil a new look for PHPBuilder. I knew it was time to upgrade when I was getting more offers to rewrite the site than offers to write articles ;-) Thanks to everyone for their offers and draft looks.
The changes to the site are more than skin deep - I actually made the big move to PHP4 and MySQL 3.23.22 last weekend, apparently with no problems at all. If you haven't upgraded to PHP4, go for it - as far as I can tell, it's almost totally compatible. There's just no reason to hold off - it's a free performance upgrade for your server.
Anyway, I'm still not happy with the navigation of the site (upper left of the page), so if you have ideas or examples, let me know. The reason I'm posting this as an article is so I can capture your feedback and hopefully implement some of it. So, please post your comments.

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