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Smart Architectures in PHP - Page 2

by: Tim Perdue
October 10, 2000

Pretty Pictures

I've found that managers love to have pretty pictures and diagrams drawn up for them, so here's one that will impress the best of them. The idea behind this structure is that you are separating your logic from the "presentation", meaning anything complicated is going on down there in the "API/Data Access Layer".
Rather than coding security checks, update statements, etc, etc throughout your HTML layer, you should theoretically code the bulk of that in the API layer. The HTML layer will then make simple function calls that return either arrays, objects, or (my favorite) database result sets.
If you do this right, the topmost layer will be very thin so you can easily create/maintain it.
breakdown of the layers of a web-based application
Drawing from this example, the HTML interface depends on some direct calls to the API layer, some calls to an HTML utility library (which could, for example, generate pop-up boxes, or whatever), and those libraries make calls to the database using a database abstraction layer (again so you aren't tied to any particular database).

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