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In Case You Missed It... - Page 2

by: Elizabeth Naramore
April 19, 2005

The Zend Self-Test Explained

Thanks to Chris Shiflett, who provides us with the elusive answers to the Zend Certification Self-Test, in a recent blog post. Quite an interesting post for those of us who didn't do so hot on the self-test. The self-test can be found at and Chris' answer key can be found at

phpBB Version 2.0.14 Released

Fixing some minor bugs and other "non-critical" issues was the focus of this latest release of phpBB. Changes in this release include:
  • Hardened author and keyword search a bit to not allow very server intensive searches
  • Fixed full path disclosure in bad word parsing
  • Resetting complete userdata array in session code if authentication fails
  • Fixed bug in moderator control panel where certain parameters could lead to an "error creating new session" sql error
  • Fixed bug in session code where empty page ids could lead to an "error creating new session" sql error
  • Fixed html handling in signatures if html is turned off globally
  • Fixed install.php problem with PHP5 register_long_arrays option turned off
  • Fixed potential issues with styling system
  • Added correct class to login_body template file
  • Removed file db/oracle.php from package
  • Removed version number from message body page in /admin (if user is not an admin)
  • Fixed case-sensitivity issues in postgres7.php
You can read about this latest release and download it by going to

See you next week with more news and tidbits from the PHP world!

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