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In Case You Missed It...The Week of July 18, 2005

by: Elizabeth Naramore
July 20, 2005

This week we saw:

PHP 5.1 Beta 3 Released

There is a latest and greatest version of PHP now available, but of course, this is still in Beta release so technically it's not recommended for use with production sites. However, if you've got some free time on your hands and you want to play around with it, you can download the latest version at

PHP-GTK 1.0.2 Released

This fixes a minor bug that had prevented PHP-GTK from being installed with PHP 4.4.x. You can download your copy at

PEAR Crash Course in German and have joined together to produce a 6-week online course that will teach you more than you ever wanted to know about PEAR. It runs from August 16-September 27, 2005 and costs 495,00 € (you can get a 10% discount if you register before July 26). You can read more about it and register at

Zend releases Zend Core™ for IBM

In the latest collaboration between Zend and IBM, Zend has released Zend Core which is a production/development platform that integrates well with DB2, Cloudscape, XML Web Services, and Zend Platform and Zend Studio. For more information, you can read the full press release at

SquirrelMail Security Advisory

A recent cross-site scripting vulnerability in SquirrelMail's "options_identities.php" file was reported from Secunia. Users of this popular mail package are encouraged to upgrade immediately to version 1.4.5 at

Hide the Path Shown in Warnings

Ilia Alshanetsky has a great blog post about how to keep your path hidden to users if an error message should be thrown. This prevents potential intruders from gaining access to your path names by forcing an error. For more on this topic, visit Ilia's blog post at

International PHP Conference 2005 Sessions Available

The good folks at the International PHP Conference have posted the sessions for their upcoming conference in November. Sessions will cover a variety of topics including general PHP, PHP & business/integration, PHP & databases, PHP design, PHP extensions, PHP & XML, and PHP-GTK. There will also be power workshops with more intense PHP training, and a "Management Day", where "project managers and consultants shine the light on using PHP in enterprise-level projects." For a complete list of specific topics and presentations, visit the site at

Greg Beaver Goes .phar

In a recent blog post, Greg Beaver talks about the advent of PHP archive files to bundle PEAR packages (affectionately known as .phar files). In doing so, PEAR packages could be installed without the use of go-pear, for PHP versions 4.3.0 and up. It is a very interesting concept, and you can read more about it by checking out Greg's blog at

phpBB Looking for Support and Styles Team Members

If you are a user of phpBB and would like to apply to be a part of the Support and/or Styles Teams, then today is your lucky day. You can submit applications to participate on either one of these teams by going to the phpBB website: You can also find specifics about what they are looking for and the requirements of the applicant.

Attention Users of Win 9X and PHP

Wez Furlong wants to hear from you! They are contemplating dropping support for Win 9x and Wez wants to hear from those of you out there so they can get a better handle on what type of impact that would have on the community. Feel free to voice your opinon at his blog:

SourceForge Gets Smarty

SourceForge is in the process of switching their site over to the Smarty templating system, according to a recent post on the fairly new SourceForge engineer blog. It's a big job, but somebody's got to do it, I guess. Read all about it at

PEAR/PECL releases

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't include what's new at PEAR and PECL. Recent PEAR releases include:
  • Cache_Lite 1.5.2 - Fast and Safe little cache system
  • HTTP_Download 1.1.0RC2 - Send HTTP Downloads
  • File_Gettext 0.3.4 - GNU Gettext file parser
  • HTTP_Header 1.1.2 - OO interface to modify and handle HTTP headers and status codes.
  • Services_Weather 1.3.2 - This class acts as an interface to various online weather-services.
  • Console_Table 1.0.2 - Class that makes it easy to build console style tables
  • File_Archive 1.5.0 - File_Archive will let you manipulate easily the tar, gz, tgz, bz2, tbz, zip, ar (or deb) files
  • Image_Transform 0.9.0 - Provides a standard interface to manipulate images using different libraries
  • XML_RPC 1.3.3 - PHP implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
  • Genealogy_Gedcom 1.0.0 - Gedcom parser

And for PECL, we had:

  • APC - Alternative PHP Cache
  • colorer - Syntax highlighting
  • ibm_db2 - Extension for IBM DB2 Universal Database, IBM Cloudscape, and Apache Derby
  • POP3 - POP3 Client Library
  • yaz - a Z39.50 client for PHP

As always, you can download or learn more about these packages at and

See you next week with more news and tidbits from the PHP world!

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