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In Case You Missed It...The Week of August 1, 2005

by: Elizabeth Naramore
August 2, 2005

Welcome back to another installment of ICYMI! This week we saw:

Zend's Certification Month Begins

From now until August 31, you can get a ZCE exam voucher for only $125, among other cool things Zend has planned. This month marks the 1 year anniversary of the Zend Certification, and to see all the other things they have in store, check out their site at

Put Your Coding Skills to Work... and Win! brought to our attention the Apress Coding Challenge where you can win a PSP or an iPod with some great PHP coding. You will need to know what a fractal generator is, and how to create one, especially by August 31, 2005 which is coincidentally the cut-off date for the contest. You will be competing against coders in other languages too, so win one for the PHP gipper, will ya? For all the scoop, check out the Apress website at

Mad Props to Schlossnagle and WordPress

In the August 2005 edition of the Linux Journal we see that winners of the "2005 Editor's Choice Awards" include George Schlossnagle's book, Advanced PHP Programming (for Best Development Book) and WordPress (for Best Communication Tool). Great job, and congrats to both parties representing the PHP community!

OSI Announces a New Interim President; Public Meeting at OSCON

Open Source Initiative announced that they have appointed a new interim president, Michael Tiemann. After expanding the board and appointing a permanent President, it appears that their first order of business will be to review the OSD licensing procedures and policies. They will be hosting a public meeting at OSCON this week, which you are cordially invited to attend. It will be held on August 4 at 7:30 pm. If you'd like more info on either of these topics, check out the OSI weblog at

Caveats to Using Eval()

Joshua Eichorn recently posted an excellent blog post regarding the ups and downs to using the eval() function. In his blog he talks about the inherent security risks, the speed (or lack thereof), and when to use and when not to use the function. Read all about it here:

mail() Hacks From the Experts

Davey Shafik and Sean Coates each offered their own workarounds to using mail() when sendmail isn't readily available. If this sounds useful to you, check them both out and see which you like the best. Davey's is available at, and Sean's is available at

PEAR/PECL releases

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't include what's new at PEAR and PECL. Recent PEAR releases include:
  • HTML_Progress2 2.0.0RC2 & HTML_Progress 1.2.2 - How to include a loading bar in your XHTML documents quickly and easily.
  • HTTP_Download 1.1.0RC3 - Send HTTP Downloads
  • MDB2_Driver_oci8 0.1.1 - oci8 MDB2 driver
  • Payment_Process 0.6.0 - Unified payment processor
  • Net_Curl 1.2.0 - Net_Curl provides an OO interface to PHP's cURL extension
  • Net_UserAgent_Mobile 0.24.0 - HTTP mobile user agent string parser
  • File_Archive 1.5.2 - File_Archive will let you manipulate easily the tar, gz, tgz, bz2, tbz, zip, ar (or deb) files
  • HTML_CSS 1.0.0RC1 - HTML_CSS is a class for generating CSS declarations

And for PECL, we had:

  • APC - Alternative PHP Cache
  • bcompiler - A bytecode compiler
  • PDO - PHP Data Objects Interface
  • PDO_DBLIB - FreeTDS/Sybase/MSSQL driver for PDO
  • PDO_MYSQL - Mysql 3.x/4.0 driver for PDO
  • PDO_OCI - Oracle Call Interface driver for PDO
  • PDO_ODBC - ODBC v3 Interface driver for PDO
  • PDO_PGSQL - PostgreSQL driver for PDO
  • PDO_SQLITE - SQLite v3 Interface driver for PDO
  • pecl_http - Extended HTTP support
  • POP3 - POP3 Client Library

As always, you can download or learn more about these packages at and

See you next week with more news and tidbits from the PHP world!

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