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In Case You Missed It...The Week of September 19, 2005

by: Elizabeth Naramore
September 20, 2005

Welcome back to another installment of ICYMI! This week we saw:

PEAR 1.4 Released!

We've seen the release candidates before, but now it's official. PEAR 1.4 stable has been released. According to the site:

New features in a nutshell:
* full support for channels
* pre-download dependency validation
* new package.xml 2.0 format allows tremendous flexibility while maintaining BC
* support for optional dependency groups and limited support for sub-packaging
* robust dependency support
* full dependency validation on uninstall
* remote install for hosts with only ftp access - no more problems with restricted host installation [through PEAR_RemoteInstaller package]
* full support for mirroring
* support for bundling several packages into a single tarball
* support for static dependencies on a uri-based package
* support for custom file roles and installation tasks

To download and read the rest of the installation notes, go to

Zend Studio 5 Beta Released

You've probably heard all about this already, but just in case, you can download a beta version of Zend Studio for free, read more about the features that are now included, and learn about their Feedback Program (where you can win a free t-shirt!) by going to

Security Vulnerability with PHP-Nuke

Secunia reported a security alert with PHP-Nuke's WYSIWYG editor; all users of this package are encouraged to upgrade to 7.9. You can download the update here: Oh, and you better have your credit card information handy because it will cost you $10.00. You can read more about that little tidbit in the link above.

Pro-PHP Talks PEAR

Marcus Whitney's latest conversation on Pro-PHP is with Greg Beaver, who gives us an up close and personal look at PEAR 1.4. Although the download is a bit large at 80 Mb, it's still worth your time. You can listen in at

PHP with Microsoft Excel ala Gutmans

Andi Gutmans put together a bit of code that will help anyone trying to populate Excel worksheets with data, and create graphs using PHP. He blogged about his experience with this, and posted a link to the code. To read his post, you can go to and to take a peek at the code, go to

php|works Wraps Up

Another successful PHP conference wrapped up last week; the php|works - web|works in Toronto, hosted by php|architect. A few speakers have posted their slides for use by the masses; if I missed any let me know:

Sitepoint Blog Addresses PHP's BC

A somewhat controversial post on Sitepoint Blog, by Jules Szemere draws attention to the backwards-compatibility issues between PHP4 and PHP5. Just FUD or does he bring up some legitimate points? You be the judge - and be sure to give him a piece of your mind while you're at it. Read the full post at, and better bring your fire retardant.

SimpleTest Plugin for PHPEclipse Released

This handy plug in enables unit testing with PHPEclipse; for Eclipse 3.1 and PHP <5.1. For the documentation on this plug-in go to, and to download go to .

Get Yer phpMyAdmin Patched

If you were really on top of things and upgraded your phpMyAdmin to 2.6.4, you'd best be getting 2.6.4-pl1 , now available at According to the source, "it fixes an export problem (under Internet Explorer) when using https, and a missing Save button in Relation view." So there you have it.

phpBB Co-Manager Takes a Break

An announcement on phpBB's site issues a farewell to one of the co-managers of the project, Paul S. Owens, who has left the team for an "indefinite" amount of time-- if you know Paul you can join the phpBB community in wishing him "all the best for the future and that sunnier days come soon."'s Now Has an "Official" Blog

Enygma's started a blog just for, which you can read at In his initial post, he talks about his thoughts on RSS and the role PHP will take in the future, and also a bit about Ajax. So add that to your blogroll, if you're keeping track.

PEAR/PECL Releases

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't include what's new at PEAR and PECL. Recent PEAR releases include:
  • Cache 1.5.5RC4 - Framework for caching of arbitrary data.
  • Validate 0.6.1 - Validation class
  • Text_Wiki_BBCode 0.0.1 - BBCode parser for Text_Wiki
  • DB_Table 1.2.1 - Builds on PEAR DB to abstract datatypes and automate table creation, data validation, insert, update, delete, and select
  • Mail 1.1.9 - Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
  • File_Find 1.1.0 - A Class the facilitates the search of filesystems
  • Numbers_Words 0.14.0 - The PEAR Numbers_Words package provides methods for spelling numerals in words.
  • XML_RPC 1.4.2 - PHP implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
  • PEAR 1.4.0 - PEAR Base System
  • System_Command 1.0.2 - a commandline execution interface
  • Net_SMPP 0.4.4 - SMPP v3.4 protocol implementation
  • Validate_BE 0.1.0 - Validation class for Belgium
  • PHP_Beautifier 0.1.7 - Beautifier for PHP

As always, you can download or learn more about these packages at and

See you next week with more news and tidbits from the PHP world!

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