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In Case You Missed It...The Week of December 19, 2005

by: Elizabeth Naramore
December 19, 2005

Bruce Perens Predicts Trouble for PHP

If you haven't seen this "forecast" from Bruce Perens, then you will most likely find this interesting. Available at Bruce's site, Bruce basically predicts that companies will be migrating away from PHP as they become plagued by security issues created by inexperienced users. Agree? Disagree? Why not leave your comment at the site? Oh that's right... comments have been disabled. Guess we'll have to voice our opinions in another venue.

PHP Comic Strip Created

You can now get your geeky chuckles courtesy of Richard Davey and his recently created "PHP Life" comic strip. Richard infuses his own sense of PHP humor along with subtle (or not so subtle) commentary on the state of PHP. Check it out at

PHP Usage Stats Released

Damien Seguy let us know he has just published the recent PHP usage stats on his site, To quote Damien:
  • PHP 4.4.x shows impressive growth during last month, taking scores of web sites from PHP 4.3.11 and 4.3.10. Users are migrating in spite of BC break.
  • PHP 5.x rises again, almost reaching 5%, following the trend of the previous months. PHP 5.1, published late during the month, had no time to have impact.
  • PHP keeps its level of usage even with complex architectures: domains covering 2 or more IP are even showing a slightly higher usage of PHP : + 1% to 38% of total.
To see the stats in full, you can visit and for the evolution graph (new this month). Yes, these are in French, but just babelfish it and you'll be fine.

ApacheCon Wrap-Up

The speakers at this year have begun to post their slides from ApacheCon last week. PHP-specific talks can be found at:

Smarty 2.6.11 Released

If you're a Smarty user, or just ready to take the plunge and play around with it- there is a new version out there ready for you. Per the Smarty site, "This release addresses some minor bug fixes and feature enhancements, and also plays nicer with PHP 5.1." To download, go to

PEAR/PECL Releases

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't include what's new at PEAR and PECL. Recent PEAR releases include:

And for PECL, we had:

As always, you can download or learn more about these packages at and

The next few weeks I will be off for the holidays, so we will see you after the first of the year... Happy Holidays!

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