PHPBuilder - Bar Charts With GD Page 7

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Bar Charts With GD - Page 7

by: Stefan Wiesendanger
December 17, 2000

Related Samples

One of many excellent code repositories for PHP sniplets is at The "Graphics" section features the following chart-related items. I've added sample output each time.
  • "Bar charts" by Afan Ottenheimer. Similar in nature to what is described in this tutorial. Deals with negative values as well.
  • Bar Chart
  • "Pie chart class" by Bjørn Bond. Because of some redundancy in the code, it could be made much smaller. Some display glitches (background color showing through between slices) that could be made to disappear by refining the draw methods. Recommended if you are going to use it as is, without major changes.
  • Pie Chart
  • "»­±ýͼ" by Xiaohu He is based on the previous "Pie chart class" in spite of its apparent unicode title, but much smaller. Suffers from the same display glitches. Due to its small size, it is probably better suited as a starting point if you want to build your own script.
  • My Test chart
I hope that this article provided you with enough ideas to get you started. Don't hesitate to contact me with your remarks and suggestions.

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