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PHP, MySQL and images

by: William Samplonius
July 30, 2000

Joe's used auto sales, an average sized car yard of around 150 cars has decided to make the big leap into the new millennium. First of all they had to get themselves a nice new computer, with that new computer came the "Internet". After a few weeks of searching the internet they decided to go all out, now they wanted a web site of their own. And it just so happens that Joe's good friend knows a little HTML, three days later Joe's used auto sales was online and ready for business.
It wasn't long before they realized they were not going to get very far with that site. They needed something where they could add, modify and delete listings in a database. Well, to make a long story short they ended up contacting me. And of course I said I could do it. So, that day I had to find out what type of database to use. After asking a few questions I decided to create a database using PHP and MySQL
I didn't know how to create an actual MySQL database, so I contacted support at my hosting company, next thing I know I had a database called "joesauto" and a few basic Telnet and MySQL commands.
Now I needed to open up telnet for the first time and enter my login name and password. Before I could go any further I had to learn a little about MySQL.

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