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Custom Session Handlers in PHP4 - Page 4

by: Ying Zhang
July 30, 2000

A MySQL Session Handler

Our next example is to write a customized session handler to save session data into a MySQL database. (This is the session_mysql.php file from You would want sessions stored in a database when you have lots of web/PHP servers and you need to share session between them (eg. if you are serving so many users that you need load balancing). You have a bunch of machines doing web/PHP stuff, a machine serving your normal database needs, and another machine running a MySQL database to handle sessions. But that might be overkill for most people :)
You must have MySQL support in your PHP4 before you try this. If you do not things can get ugly, real ugly!
First let's create a session database in MySQL, and then the table to create the session table. Fire up your MySQL client and issue these commands:
mysql> CREATE DATABASE sessions;

mysql> GRANT select, insert, update, delete ON sessions.* TO phpsession@localhost
    -> IDENTIFIED BY \'phpsession\';

mysql> CREATE TABLE sessions (
    ->     sesskey char(32) not null,
    ->     expiry int(11) unsigned not null,
    ->     value text not null,
    ->     PRIMARY KEY (sesskey)
    -> );
Next, modify the $SESS_DB* variables in the session_mysql.php file to match your database setup. Make sure it all looks okay before you continue.

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