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Making forms object-oriented

by: Yuri Makasjuk
October 15, 2001

One of the most common tasks that I came across developing interactive websites was processing users' input. In this article I would like to share the experience I had developing an object-oriented solution for it. The best effect that I can imagine this paper to have is to not just show “another solution for checking a submitted form”, but rather to let you taste the power of object-oriented technology. Together with you, I will look back at the way I thought that brought me to a solution that was implemented and successfully used. Reading this article requires some knowledge of object-oriented programming fundamentals. As a result, we will have a working example developed.


First of all, we already know how to examine $HTTP_POST_VARS, we know how to name form inputs in such a way that they will be presented as a nice PHP array. We've read Richard Creech's article on making a form's controls dynamic. Why do we need anything else at this stage?
Let me explain. You see, I have a Delphi background and with Delphi you get very much addicted to re-using instead of re-inventing. So, if you find yourself coding something that gives you this dejavu - “I've been doing this before” - you want to invent a class that can be reused throughout your projects.

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