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Zoop Framework 1.2 Released !!

by: Steve Francia
July 5, 2006

The Zoop Group is proud to announce the immediate release of Zoop Framework 1.2 for PHP.

This release represents 6 months of hard work and we are quite pleased with the result.

A few of the more notable changes in this release include:

* A new component, cache
* The upgrade of another component, forms2 (part of forms).
* guiControl is now a separate component from gui (make sure to update your includes.php).
* A new db_utils library (part of db).
* Zoop now supports fastCGI out of the box.
* Zoop lib, our PEAR dependencies packaged for you.
* A bunch of new guicontrols including a new captcha control.
* Better AJAX support.
* Native mysqli support.
* Preliminary support for php 5+ autoinclude.
* Bugfixes and speed increases.
* Major improvements to the phpDoc inline comments.

A new guide to using Zoop has been developed and can be found at From_A_to_Zoop (

Please use and enjoy... Oh and drop us a line at and let us know what you think.

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