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MX Shop 1.0.3 released

by: Cristian Dorobantescu
August 24, 2004

Coming up to meet the requests of our clients, the InterAKT Team has decided to release new and improved versions of some of its products,packed with exciting new features.

If you are one of our clients or simply looking for a great Web Application to use on your project, please take a look below to see what we have changed and what bugs have been fixed for these releases.

<ul> <li>New triggers, forms and keys for a better application</li> <li>The 1.0.3 release tries to unify the PHP_ADODB and PHP_MySQL versions and consists in a series of bug fixes.</li> <ul><li>New Triggers</li> <li>Triggers to check uniqueness of subcategory and category names</li> <li>Trigger to check uniqueness&nbsp;of currency name</li> <li>Trigger to check uniqueness of manufacturer name</li> <li> Trigger to check there is only one default currency selected</li> <li>Trigger to automatically redirect client during Checkout(MySQL version)</li> <li>Triggers to validate inputs for coupons and special offers.</li></ul> <li>New forms and keys</li> <ul><li> Checking the uniqueness of the e-mail introduced by a new user </li> <li>Selection of region or province during Checkout </li> <li>Only positive values can be entered in the exchange rate in back-end</li></ul></ol>

See the MX Shop demo at - A complete online shop built using MX Kart and the MX Kollection. This application can be easily customized to match your needs.

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