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phpdoc v2.0. released

by: christian calloway
February 9, 2001

Hey everyone,

I just released phpdoc v2.0, which is a program used to document PHP class definitions. This version is a complete rewrite of v1.0, and takes a different approach to creating documentation.

Where most other applications try to imitate Javadoc as much as possible, this application actually does very little, because it actually uses Javadoc to create PHP documentation. Since the Javadoc API is quite open, and since my application is in Java, its a simple matter to plugin to the Javadoc program. All my application does is parse a PHP class definition through the use of regular expressions, and then convert that class definition from PHP syntax to Java Syntax, then hand the converted source over to Javadoc. What this means is that all the options and power of Javadoc is available to my program, you can use any Javadoc option, doclet, @tag or whatever in phpdoc and in your source and the resulting documentation will be no different then if an actual .java file were passed to Javadoc. All is explained in greater detail at my site, and in instructions I provide.

A final note, the library of Javadoc doclets are also open to you when using phpdoc. For anyone whom doesnt know, doclets are programs written in the Java programming language that specify the content and format of the output of the Javadoc tool. By default, Javadoc uses the Standard doclet which creates the .HTML formatted documentation were all used to. You can provide any doclet you wish however to customize the output however you like. The wealth of third party doclets available at the javasoft site allow you to create for example RTF, PDF, and even Japanese based API documentation.

You must have the JDK installed on your system (of which Javadoc comes part of)

You can download phpdoc v2.0 at

Thanks Everyone,

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