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PHPortal version 0.2.6 released!

by: Michael Glazer
December 2, 2002

PHPortal version 0.2.6 released!

I am pleased to announce the release of PHPortal version 0.2.6 beta.

This is a major enhancment release with over 20 changes.


Sourceforge project:

Developer\'s live/demo site


1. Added Template App Object Type.

2. Added Script App Object type.

3. Modified Method App Object Type.

4. Version Integration. For renaming, editing, adding, deleting objects, and for adding, editing, and deleting properties.

5. Broke Control Class into subclasses.

6. Moved product and control management classes to the apps directory.

7. The Apps class now holds the four main objects as vars which are then available to app directories if that class is a child.

8. Added Product Help App Object Type.

9. Added Help Topic App Object Type.

10. Removed user core class call from index.php file.

11. Added new copyright headers to prepare for phpdoc integration.

12. siteRoot site config variable used in index.php file for non document root installations.

13. Added new table \'xpc_help\'. This is a prelimenary rollout of the PHPortal help system in local distros.

14. Added New default objects to the manage/lib/setup sql data file.

15. Fixed the import/export folder object action.

16. Added Control Panel Object folder into the \'xpc_objects\' table.

17. Compare revisions in History Panel now uses new tmp_file method lib instead of ftp.

18. Tree Trail moved to Method lib from gate core Xpc class.

19. Overall load time speed of PHPortal code runs quicker by 0.1 seconds.

20. tmpStore new Method Lib moved from gate Xpc core class.

21. Out new Method Lib moved from gate Xpc core class.

22. get_error new Method Lib moved from gate Xpc core class.

23. New Products Folder in Control Panels which contaisn products from the \'xpc_objects\' table has \'define permissions\', \'readme\', and \'refresh\' panels.


1. Undo Panel

2. Find Panel

3. Owner Panel

4. Add / Delete Product

5. Version Integration

6. Virtual Hosting

7. siteRoot

8. Access Rule

9. Define Access Permissions

10. News App Object Type

11. Local User Roles

12. Import/Export Folder Hierarchies and Misc. Properties.

13. Management left nav object tree folder object custom folder icons

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