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Community News 4.07 Released

by: Tech Team
March 7, 2007

Community News RSS (CN RSS) version 4.07 has been released. This web application allows you to share and publish news and attachments on your own website. Video (or other files or images) uploads are supported - build your own mini YouTube, or serve up local content complete with rich media attachments.


* open source
* brandable
* Google AdSense built in - start earning right away
* Automatic or webmaster moderated items/stories
* deploy on your own website
* add video, movies, audio, images, pdf or powerpoint files to enhance your content
* RSS 2.0 compatible feeds, auto generated subscription links
* unlimited channels and unlimited stories/items
* special caption area to easily credit copyrighted images, or just add your own comments about the image/media
* stories have these tools: share with friend, email the author, additional reading link (if applicable)
* extensive My Admin dashboard backend, including trash story and empty trash tools
* My Admin dashboard features point and click channel and story management

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