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The Social Publishing Platform with Open Source Drupal

by: Scott Clark
November 2, 2009

One of the most hotly debated questions among marketers and company executives is "What does it mean to be a social business?"Today Acquia, Inc., the enterprise guide to the Drupal social publishing system provides the answer and also reveals what Social Business Software vendors aren`t telling you: your investment in Social Business Software is at risk because it is only a one-sided approach to social business. Social publishing is the technology platform for true social businesses.

Social publishing, specifically Drupal, is the convergence of web content management software (WCM) and social software tools in a single, unified platform. As a result, Drupal transcends boundaries between internal Enterprise 2.0 applications and external Web 2.0 applications. Drupal is a community driven Open Source platform with over 4,000 modules and a 600,000 member community that drives innovation.

"Not all social business technologies are created equal," said Tom Erickson, Acquia CEO. "Some vendors will tell you that social business is about internal collaboration; some will tell you it`s about external customer engagement. Our take: it`s truly both and Drupal social publishing is the right way to get your business engaged with all of its audiences. What Social Business Software vendors won`t tell you is their value disappears when you want a single unified platform to power the web. The Drupal open source social publishing system gives companies the flexibility with their brands to capitalize on emerging opportunities."

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