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Major InterAKT products release

by: Cristian Dorobantescu
December 17, 2003

All our flagship products were updated recently in our efforts to create the best software development suite for Dreamweaver MX and the PHP application server.

This release's main goal was to reach 100% Dreamweaver MX 2004 compatibility, and to fix all known bugs in our tools. Get the latest versions now (free upgrade for current customers) and start saving time when creating dynamic sites!

PHAkt 2.6.0 - the professional PHP server model for Dreamweaver MX

The most important release is the new and improved version of PHAkt the professional PHP server model, which fixes all the Dreamweaver MX 2004 compatibility problems, and all previously reported bugs.

* Major upgrade to ADOdb 4.0.1. Separated the InterAKT database code from the ADOdb original code - PHAkt should work better with all databases;
* Modify the generated code to work with register_globals = off and eliminate all notices and warning messages;
* Improve the way that session variables are registered by taking into account the PHP version, in order to avoid PHP 4.3 warnings;
* Straightforward update procedure with automated installation of included files;
* Added Danish language locale, corrected support for German locale;
* Improved support for XHTML (only Convert to XHTML for now);
* Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements.

PHAkt can be downloaded from its homepage at

ImpAKT 2.6.0 - Improved productivity for dynamic sites

We have released the latest stable ImpAKT version, aimed mostly at fixing compatibility bugs and various other issues reported by our clients.

* Fixed all compatibility problems with MX 2004; * Improved PHP version and settings compatibility:
--Improved the way session variables are registered by taking into account the PHP version;
--Corrected support for German date locale;
--Corrected special characters escaping problems.
* Improved image and file support in triggers and KTML2:
--Solved some path problems on uploading files in Windows/Linux;
--Improved gd2 support to upload images - the resized images will look much better now.
* Corrected a security bug in encrypted passwords. WARNING: Old sites with encrypted passwords will not work with new ImpAKT version please select "No" when prompted for update;
* Added Session Variables in the Data Bindings when applying a Login Server Behavior;
* Implemented the automated core files update system;
* Fixed the Remember Me bug for automatic login;
* Added support for KTML3.

You can get the latest ImpAKT2 version from

NeXTensio 2.6.0 - Dynamic form generator

The new NeXTensio version was released to make sure all known bugs are corrected, as we prepare to release additional reusable components based on NeXTensio, ImpAKT and tNG. Major fixes and improvements:

* Corrected all compatibility problems with MX 2004;
* Solved some compatibility problems with the MX Widgets Suite;
* Improved the PHP version and settings compatibility:
--Improved the way session variables are registered by taking into account the PHP version;
--Eliminated PHP warnings from the generated code;
--Corrected some bugs in escaping NeXTensio filter submitted values.
* Added Danish Locales;
* Corrected a bug in NeXTensio List that occured when joining 2 tables with the same column name;
* Added KTML3 support.

Get NeXTensio from for a special price!!!

KTML 3.0.60 - The visual HTML editor

The current maintenance release of KTML is aimed at streamlining the editing experience. We have tested this control thoroughly and striven to correct all known bugs for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Netscape. Product improvements:

* Revamped the Undo manager;
* Internationalised user interface and contextual help system (German and French);
* The KTML language can now be changed from Dreamweaver (using the Server Behavior GUI);
* Added upload support for most common file types (the list is included in the documentation);
* Significant improvement of the Insert Image/File interface and File Upload (replace image, stronger validation for upload);
* Added a lot of field checks in the Property Inspectors and constrained proportion resize for images;
* Lots of bug fixes and other improvements.

You can see more on KTML3 at

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