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Announcing the May 2003 Issue of php|architect

by: Marco Tabini
May 9, 2003

We're happy to announce that the May issue of php|architect ( is now available from our website.

Here's a brief overview of this month's contents:

An Introduction to the Model-View-Controller Pattern
Jason Sweat writes an in-depth introduction to the Model-View-Controller paradigm, a software design pattern that makes it easy to abstract the presentation layer from the business logic.

Event-driven Programming
Tame the spaghetti beast! Jeffrey Horner shows us how event-driven programming can greatly simplify the flow of any application, web-driven or not.

Distance Calculations in PHP
If Mary lives in Washington DC and John in Wilmington, Delaware, what are the chances that they'll fall in love? Dr. Tarique Sani shows us how easy (and fun) it can be to calculate distances between two places using PHP and a bit of geometry (but he won't make the geometry too difficult... promise!)

The Great Deception
Welcome to a place of darkness, danger and unrelenting pressure: the world of search engines! Marco Tabini digs deep into the dark world of spiders and other crawlers in an attempt to discover how to make your web site more search-engine friendly through the use of a few simple (and totally legal) tricks.

EXCLUSIVE: The Progress of Postgres
Marco interviews the Geoff Davidson, CEO of PostgreSQL Inc. Luckily, a gray morning in snowy Ottawa didn't dull the conversationâdon't miss this great opportunity for a broad overview of the open source database company and its mission to conquer more market share while continuing to satisfy the technical needs of a diverse community of users and developers.

Output Buffering: Making Your Development Life Easier
Peter James explores this often heard of, but not always fully understood PHP feature, and how it can make your life easier (or more difficult, if you don't know how to handle it!)

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