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MX Widgets Suite launched

by: Cristian Dorobantescu
August 7, 2003

MX Widgets Suite (PHP) is a collection of server behaviors for Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, designed to help developers create complex HTML controls that will improve the way websites are created.

Do you remember Access controls and the way you could write a text with a mask, or where you can type within a dropdown listing records from another table? You can offer now to your clients powerful form controls to help them do this kind of things on a web page by using the MX Widgets Suite!

The package supports both PHP_MySQL and PHAkt2 server models that allows web developers create enhanced dynamic forms, offering a powerful alternative to the regular HTML controls.

You can take a look at our live demo page at

Notable features:
* Editable Dropdown - allow the site visitor to locate a record in the menu by typing/autocomplete. New values can be entered in the menu and in the database without leaving the form interface
* Dependent Dropdown - creates multiple cascaded menus. Detail dynamic menus are automatically reloaded when the master menu is changed
* Calendar Widget - the site user will be able to select a certain date using a visual pop-up calendar - that includes intuitive navigation and help tooltips - and we'll also have the date formatted to the desired date locale
* Dynamic Search - accepts auto complete text inputs, improving the search process of a specific record in a list. Can be very useful for search fields in your websites
* Enhanced Input Widgets - including Masked Input Widget, Numeric Input Widget, and also Smart Date Widget. Will force your site users to enter database content already formatted as required
* n..1 Dependent Field - used to manage n to 1 database relations
* The MX Widgets Suite supports both the PHP_MySQL and the PHAkt2 server models
* The widgets work on multiple browsers: MSIE 5.0+, Mozilla 1.4+.

The use of MX Widgets will bring a developer the following benefits:
* Intranet/Extranet applications will now profit of our rich controls to rival native implementations
* your user registration or e-commerce checkout forms will be much easier implemented
* ability to generate complex dynamic forms without cumbersome JavaScript coding

We have striven to make the widgets compliant to all the manually/automatically generated forms: hand coded forms in Dreamweaver, forms generated with the default Insert/Update Record Form Commands, the ImpAKT2 tNG generated forms and the NeXTensio Forms and Lists.

The MX Widgets Suite is now ready to fit perfectly into your everyday development package, fulfilling your needs for professional dynamic controls.

See more on the MX Widgets Suite at

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