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SQLyog 2.51 - the definitve FREE MySQL Front-End

by: Karam
November 20, 2002

Some of the new features added in SQLyog 2.51 are -
-- Alter Table structure in an easy to use Grid mode.
-- Optimized for speed and network resources.
-- Insert / Update data in a table.
-- Insert / Update BLOB data. All popular formats supported (BMP/PNG/GIF/JPG).
-- Save your BLOB data in a file.
-- Very fast client side sorting / filtering.
-- Create / Edit Users.
-- Manage permissions for Database / Table / Column.
-- View information for Database / Table.
-- Export database schema in HTML.
-- Execute very large ( size limited by OS ) SQL batch files.
-- Export data in Fixed Width format.
-- View all queries executed in history log.
-- Various operations on tables.
-- Backup / Restore databases and tables.
-- Improved Export functionality.
-- Improved Import functionality.
-- Improved SQL Editor.
-- Show / Hide Result Pane.
-- Lot of bug fixes.
-- And many more...

You can download the new SQLyog at

SQLyog is a superfast, compact and easy to use Front End for MySQL. A must for PHP developers.

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