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Webyog Releases SQLyog 3.02

by: Karam
February 10, 2003

SQLyog v3.02 - The definitive Windows Front End for MySQL, has been released. It is a superfast, compact and easy to use Front End for MySQL. A must for MySQL & PHP developers. SQLyog is FREE!

Some of the new features added in SQLyog 3.02 are -

ODBC Import. The simplest and the most powerful tool to import data from any ODBC compliant database to MySQL.
Database Synchronization Tool. Bring your remote databases in Sync with a single mouseclick.
Connection Manager.
Manage relationships on InnoDB tables. All other options fully InnoDB compliant.
Column Reordering.
Copy databases between two MySQL hosts.
Insert/Update on the Resultset of a query.
Fully updated keyword list for syntax highlighting.
Picklist for Enum/Set values in Insert/Update Dialog.
Improved datagrid. Allows multiple row deletion.
Option to add column name while exporting data in CSV.
Multi selection of tables in export as SQL Scripts dialog.
Empty a database with a single click.
Show/Hide edit window.
Improved error messages.
Lot of bugfixes and enhancements.

You can download the new SQLyog at

Send your comments, suggestions, feature request through their NEW discussion board at

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