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DBACentral for MySQL ver.1.2.1

by: Edward Smirnov
December 7, 2004

microOLAP Technologies company is proud to announce the new version of DBACentral for MySQL.

DBACentral for MySQL is a GUI solution for database administration and data management which provides you with a Microsoft Access-like interface paradigm for executing all database operations over database structure and table data.

What's new in the version 1.2.1:

- Since now you can use a special DBACentral Run-Time Edition, which can be distributed within users of your database with a profile you developed by the standard edition of DBACentral. That allows the deployment of complete database management solution within an organization at a very low price.
- Support of views (in MySQL 5.0.1)
- Support of stored procedures and functions (in MySQL 5.0.0)
- Relationships diagram printing.

Full list of current changes:

DBACentral for MySQL download page:

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