PHPBuilder - PHPortal-Xpc lite version 1.0 Released!

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PHPortal-Xpc lite version 1.0 Released!

by: Michael Glazer
September 29, 2002

Xpc stands for eXtensible Page Creation.

Xpc is a true PHP templating engine that is extremely simple and extendible in nature.

Xpc is a PHP replication of JSP, JSP custom tags, and Java Beans.

Xpc allows for XML/JSP-like templating using URI mapping, template matching and a PHP class component based architecture.

Xpc Code Flow:

All links are processed by Xpc.
Each link is mapped to a template.
Each template is parsed for custom tags which reference PHP class components using naming conventions for super modularity.

Xpc is a simple yet extremely powerful templating tool that is only as limited as your imagination is.

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