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iConnect, an open source architecture for PHP 5

by: Alex Pagnoni
December 28, 2004

The components of the new Solarix iConnect architecture for PHP 5 are out. The architecture is aimed at handling enterprise applications in a distributed environment with increasing load (that is to say Internet).

iConnect consists of:

- a methodology for developing enterprise applications;
- a set of specifications;
- Carthag, a PHP 5 platform for enterprise applications;
- CBM (Carthag Business Modules), an enterprise application server like EJB, with persistence, o/r mapping, dao, remote interface;
- IxAS (Ix Application Server), a servlet like web application server running over Apache, handling webapps;
- Ampoliros, a portlet-like portal server engine;
- a number of other frameworks and tools.

More details about the iConnect architecture:

The site that hosts the Carthag platform:

The site that hosts the iConnect components:

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